exhibitions & awards

American Art Awards

3rd and 6th place

 Naive/Outsider/Other Category



National Folk Festival, NC,


Durham Art Walk Spring Market, NC, USA

Adka's Magic World Solo, Piestany, SLOVAKIA

Reflections Art Program Judge for a local high school, NC, USA

US Figure Skating Championships Semifinalist

Poster Exhibition NC, USA

Cumil's Dream Solo, Fuz, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

All Things Birds And Beautiful, Historical Museum,

Orca Island, WA, USA

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery Juried Online Artshow

Passion, Pottery & Fashion, NC, USA

Reflections Art Program Judge for a local elementary school NC, USA

Le Coin Des Arts, Antibes, FRANCE

Art Deck'o Nouveau, NC, USA

Novomatic Forum, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Art Expo 2014, New York, USA

K Gallery Solo, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Art Expo 2014, Beijing, CHINA

Reflections Art Program Judge for a  local elementary school NC, USA

River Gallery Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Florence Design Week, ITALY

Montmartre Gallery Solo, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Bridges 2013 Mathematical Art Exhibit, NE

Southern Museum of Art , Nevada, USA

Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

MOYA Vienna Showcase, Palais Shonborn, AUSTRIA

Fall Eloquence, NC, USA

Art That Talks, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Estence Castle Museum, Ferrara, ITALY

Studio Vogue Gallery, Toronto, CANADA

Galleria De Marchi, Bologne, ITALY


 a.k.a. Andrea Jones

Born in the charming spa resort town Piestany, Slovakia, my love for bold colors, abstract shapes, ornamental flourishes, fantasy themes and dreamy detailed imagery has endured over the years. As a child I would fill pages of my sketchbook with miniature pen drawings. Lost in the swirl of images I thought to myself: "I love the look of my art! It makes me happy and allows me to escape from the real world." These positive art memories have stayed with me until my artistic past found me again.

Acrylic and ink proved to be the best combination for my original art style that appeals to art lovers, art enthusiasts and collectors from around the globe.

In college I majored in school psychology and my love for psychology, people and a multitude of characters and cultures all combine into my artistic expressions.

Watching my canvas characters come to life makes me want to create more and I am always curious to see where the story will go. It's a mix of unconsciousness and consciousness.

Nature, with its patterns, colors, variations and wildlife get my creative juices flowing. The beauty of life, freedom and the triumph of the human spirit motivate me to create.

I live happily with my husband and our two kids in North Carolina.  

Adka's Art prints officially became a part of Children Oncology Department at Motole, Prague, CZ